Society of 23 (class picture),   2008. Inkjet photograph.

Society of 23 (class picture), 2008. Inkjet photograph.

My artwork explores the complicated construction of an American identity. By observing, researching, and appropriating ideas on race, gender, sexuality, faith, celebrity, and politics, my storytelling is rich with history, current events, and pop culture. As a gay American man of Filipino ethnicity, my artwork is also a place of representation — an opportunity to playfully cast myself as the protagonist of a postcolonial queer narrative. With mediums such as self-portrait photography, sculpture, video, performance, and site-specific installation, I create an intricate network of conceptual artworks filled with drama, comedy, love, and pain.

“Jeffrey Augustine Songco’s videos, photos, installations, and interactive projects deal with many dimensions of identity: racial, sexual, religious, and national. Songco is an artist who embarks on complicated projects that employ loaded signifiers, but he proceeds with playfulness and humility, offering reflections on how these journeys unfold.” -Kevin Buist, Artistic Director of ArtPrize

“Songco’s art ‘poses a challenge to… those who continue to embrace narratives of success and happiness while eschewing failure and failed bodies and missing the opportunity to nuance and show the affective stakes in identificatory practices of racial and sexual minorities.’” -Jan Christian Bernabe, Chief Creative & Operations Director and Founder at FLXST Contemporary