Solo Exhibition:
And We'll Have A Real Good Time
Light Gallery, April 6 — 27, Grand Rapids, MI

Group Exhibition:
Color of the Year Presented by X-Rite Pantone
Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, April 6 — July 29, Grand Rapids, MI


And We'll Have a Real Good Time

a suite of work exploring themes of desire, entertainment, and performance

Drawing Party Every Day!

a daily chalk-pastel drawing celebrating something every day of 2018 exhibited on instagram: @drawing_party_every_day


Society of 23's Locker Dressing Room

a site-specific, mixed-media installation mashup of a sports locker room and backstage dressing room

Hope From My Heart

a suite of work created in the wake of the 2016 US Presidential Election that explores my relationship with the culture and craft of my new home in the swing state of Michigan


Let's Dance America!

a video installation that answers the question: when and where did you first learn the Macarena?

Nice Props, Bro!

a series of bro portraits coupling black-tie formal wear and photo booth props



a series of hanging sculptures that abbreviates the installation Revelry


a large-scale, site-specific, outdoor installation that explores the controversial nature of public art in the shadow of Alexander Calder's La Grande Vitesse

Nice Beads, Bro!

a series of bro portraits examining American masculinity and inspired by the tronie — an anonymous character repeated throughout the paintings of the Dutch Golden Age


a series of paint on paper collages depicting religious statuaries and celebratory remains


a series of hanging sculptures depicting television static that was created with spray-painted communion wafers and velvet



a series of oil text paintings that share familiar notions of fantasy


a photographic diptych of my bag head character as a reality television housewife

Lone Wolf

a suite of work exploring self-portraiture, domestic terrorism, and celebrity  


a series of photographs documenting the streets of San Francisco


Blissed Out

a looping HD video of a bro in an endless cycle of deep breathing  



a photographic triptych of my bag head character as a home shopping television host 

God Bless (Miss) America

a photographic diptych of my bag head character as a pageant winner


a series of hanging sculptures exploring the commodity of luxury that was created with deflated balloon animals



a suite of work created for my 2011 MFA thesis exhibition at San Francisco Art Institute that explores my personal identities