A Chorus Line
Circle Theatre
July 13 - 29

Come see me in Circle Theatre's production of A Chorus Line! I'm so happy to be back on stage and performing Paul's remarkable monologue. It's been an incredibly rewarding experience to dive back into the theater. With the amazing work of the cast and production team at Circle, this is a show that you just can't miss!


Queering Contemporary Asian American Art
edited by Laura Kina and Jan Christian Bernabe
University of Washington Press

I'm thrilled to be a featured artist in this new publication. Jan Christian Bernabe takes a critical look at my artwork and it's relationship to my identity, particularly my childhood experiences with rejection in American suburbia.

"Might Songco's turn to failure in his art serve as a critique of the larger forces that discipline the psychic and somatic bodies of queers of color in the United States?" -Chapter 3: Queering Affect. "Filipino Diasporic Queer Killjoy: Recuperating Failure in Jeffrey Augustine Songco's Guilty Party and BOMH Series"